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Financial planning and wealth management service

This service is predominantly suitable for clients with investable assets of upwards of £250,000 and/or a high disposable income. To ensure that clients receive a consistently high level of individual service our policy is to restrict our financial planners to looking after a small the number of clients.

What the service includes:

  • Financial Plan
  • participation in our Wealth Management Programme
  • access to Cadogan Wilson risk-graded portfolios or to individual bespoke portfolios using institutional grade index funds
  • a meeting with your adviser at least every year, and more frequently if required, to include as necessary:
    • a review of your financial objectives
    • a report on your investments
    • re-balancing of your portfolio’s asset allocation to benchmark
  • 24/7 online access to wrap platform for portfolio valuations
  • unlimited telephone and email access to your adviser
  • prompt response – return phone calls and/or email replies made within 24 hours
  • the Professional Service – ensuring everyone in your financial team provides co-ordinated advice:
    • providing updates to your accountant and other professional advisers
    • supplying end of year taxation information as required
    • offering access to our carefully selected team of partner professionals
  • an invitation to any seminars we run at prestigious local venues
  • Cadogan Wilson newsletter

Our remuneration is divided into two parts:

The Initial Fee

We charge an initial fee for preparing the Strategic Financial Plan and implementing the changes.

The Wealth Management Fee

The Wealth Management Fee is for providing ongoing professional advice, support, motivation and conducting the review process at pre-specified intervals. It is a recurring fee based on a modest percentage of funds under management.