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In order to apply a consistent and coordinated approach we recommend wrap platforms. Almost ubiquitous in Australia and the United States they have become very popular in the UK. They provide online administration and custodial services within a range of product wrappers – wrappers that preserve the unique tax advantages of the individual products. Thus an investor may have a general investment account for direct investments, a personal pension account, an occupational pension account, onshore and offshore bond accounts and an ISA account.

It is often the case that investors have acquired investment products from different providers in a haphazard fashion. The result is that out of date valuations appear at different times of the year making it impossible to value the entire portfolio at a specific point in time. Asset allocation is difficult and time consuming to establish and trading is laborious.

Wrap platforms remove this time consuming hassle by providing the following benefits:

  • Ease of administration - administration for all products held by an investor is handled centrally
  • Instant valuations – investors have online access to their portfolio 24/7 and can see the whole of their wealth in one place
  • Ease of Trading – trades can be conducted online
  • Ease of Portfolio Construction – a coherent asset allocation can be applied across the whole range of holdings
  • Widest possible choice of investment instruments – unit trusts, OEICS, investment trusts, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) Government Stock and UK equities can be held within the various accounts.