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Financial plan

A Financial Plan will typically cover some or all of the following:

  • details of existing investments, life assurance and pension plans
  • a detailed breakdown of clients' capital assets and liabilities
  • an analysis of their cash outflows as between different categories of expenditure
  • lifelong cash flow forecasts on stated assumptions to determine to what extent there is a danger of running out of money and when, or, if there is no such danger, the extent to which it should be possible to increase personal expenditure and/or gifts to family members or charities
  • an Income Tax computation with a calculation of net spendable income per year, per month and per week
  • an analysis of potential Inheritance Tax liabilities
  • an Investment Strategy Report containing:
    • client-specific risk-profiling
    • analysis, where appropriate, of clients' current portfolios in terms of asset allocation and product suitability with appropriate recommendations for realignment with financial objectives
    • criteria for constructing and optimising the proposed new portfolio with particular emphasis on asset allocation and achieving the best balance between risk and reward
    • full details of the proposed portfolio including constituent funds, recommended investment amounts, fund fees and expenses, and analysis showing the extent to which the targeted asset allocation has been achieved

Financial Plans are tailored to clients' individual circumstances and can be a significant aid to self-organisation and financial planning.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax advice.