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The financial planning process

Once we have made the mutual decision to work together we will embark upon the planning process proper. It will consist of a number of meetings each with a specific agenda and desired outcome.

Phase One — Preparation & Planning –The Discovery Meeting

A time of preparation and planning for the investment and lifestyle decisions you will be making in phase two.

The purpose of this meeting will be to find out what is important to you. We will discuss your financial values and objectives, as well as identifying any obstacles you face in achieving your goals. We will identify your key relationships, existing assets, other professional advisers, preferred process and important interests.

Understanding you as an individual helps us plan how to invest your money. We will look at where you are now, where you want to go and how we can maximise the possibility of you getting there.

Phase Two — Presentation and Discussion – The Presentation Meeting

A time for reflection and discussion.

At this meeting we will deliver an independent review of your current financial situation including recommendations on how to achieve your objectives. This is your strategic financial plan and will form the foundation of all our work together.

Since we are looking to establish long term relationships we encourage you to take the time necessary to be completely comfortable with the plan prior to taking the next step.

Phase Three — Implementation – The Implementation Meeting

A time for action, putting your money to work by investing.

At this meeting we will together execute the documents necessary to put your plan into action.

Phase Four — Monitoring Progress – The Review Meetings

Monitoring progress is a vital part of the Wealth Management Programme.

At regular review meetings  with you we will assess how well you are maintaining your desired lifestyle and assess the progress you are making towards your goals. We will agree an action plan and schedule for any adjustments considered necessary.