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What is financial planning?

Money touches every aspect of our lives and as lifetime financial planners we are the only professionals who can work with you to ensure that your financial resources are completely aligned with your goals, aspirations, and core values in a strategic financial plan.

So right from the start we help you not only to identify and quantify your personal goals but also to devise a plan to make your goals become reality.

As such the plan may involve changes in how you prioritise expenditure and savings to ensure you are on track to achieve your desired future lifestyle. Equally the plan may also focus, where appropriate, on helping you to enrich the lifestyle you are leading now.

And because, as lifetime financial planning professionals, we want to leave no room for regrets we make it our business to pose all the “What if” questions before the event, which means that as a client of ours you never have to say “If only” after the event. For example

  • Have you accumulated sufficient wealth to maintain your desired lifestyle into the future?
  • Have you made provision for those major expenses you know will occur such as school fees, university fees and weddings?
  • What are the threats to your family's financial security?
  • How do you extinguish debt?
  • What is your exit strategy from your business?
  • Can you afford to gift money to your family and still be able to afford the long-term care you may need in your old age?
  • Is there some way you can use your wealth to benefit those less fortunate than yourself?

Once we have helped you to create the ideal life vision we then bring to bear the traditional financial planning skills of asset allocation, risk management and product selection to complete the design and implementation of the plan.