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Our intention is to exceed customer expectation by going the extra mile.

We judge our success not just by the number of satisfied customers we have but by the number of who are prepared to recommend our services to others.

Here are some of the things clients have said about our service

  • "I write to thank you for the excellent Estate Planning service which you gave us both last year.
    As a former partner in one of the large firms of accountants I had long considered the strategic issues involved in ensuring appropriate transfer of wealth to following generations, and over the years had taken a number of steps that I considered appropriate. Nevertheless we both wanted to have an independent appraisal of our existing arrangements, and also of the whole estate planning picture.
    This was the background which led us to exploring what Cadogan Wilson might offer and from this followed your visit and our agreement to contract for your advice. We were both delighted with the way you handled the whole process, combining sensitivity and courtesy with rigour and challenge, and to our surprise we found that we not only valued the process but also enjoyed it! You also came up with a number of really useful ideas and suggestions, and we learned of several things we could and should do.
    Clearly everybody’s circumstances are different and we can only speak from our own experience. But we both valued your thoroughness and the way you kept to exactly what you had promised. To that point I particularly appreciated the fact that you did not try to sell me financial products as part of this exercise, and that was true even when I asked you to explore whether one particular type of insurance arrangement might be available.
    So we were very pleased to have used your services and this letter is written not only to record that positive experience, but also please feel free to use it as an unsolicited testimonial if any prospective client is seeking some assurance or reference."
  • "Thank you for preparing the very informative Estate Planning Report for us. The report and our two discussions greatly helped us to make up our minds on the immediate way ahead."
  • "We have very much appreciated the advice, responsiveness and support given to us by Cadogan Wilson."