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About us

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We are completely independent with no ties to any financial institution. We have no external shareholders to compromise the ethos of the firm and are accountable solely to our clients and the Financial Conduct Authority.

Over a number of years Cadogan Wilson has built up a reputation locally as the firm to consult on Inheritance Tax mitigation. Our renowned Estate Planning seminars are popular because we demystify the subject and provide clear guidance on what strategies to adopt to avoid paying the tax. To see what some of our clients have said about our specialist Estate Planning Service click here

Financial Planning and Wealth Management Programme

We have now developed a comprehensive financial planning and wealth management programme as our core business proposition for a select number of clients in and around Epsom, London and the Home Counties. Where appropriate we enhance our proposition through the services of our partner professionals.

At the heart of what we do is empowering our clients to organise and manage their finances over the long term so they can achieve the goals in life that are important to them. Such goals will vary from client to client and may include:

  • Building a business
  • Being protected from financial disaster
  • Fulfilling a lifelong ambition
  • Achieving and maintaining financial independence
  • Preserving, and eventually passing on, wealth
  • Helping those less fortunate than themselves

So at the outset we take all the time needed to explore our clients' finances and their life goals. We then help our clients to develop and execute a strategic financial plan to fulfil these goals and subsequently we provide support, motivation and guidance on a regular basis to keep them on track.

What's more, when it comes to managing our clients' wealth we adhere to a deeply-researched set of beliefs that enable us to harness the power of the markets, rather than the latest fund pick or fashion, to provide a successful investment experience.

To sum up, clients participating in the programme expect from us, and we deliver, a service founded on five key attributes:

  • a relationship based on trust and total confidentiality
  • a proactive service with a professional planner managing their financial affairs
  • a strategic financial plan built around them, their values and their aims in life
  • a distinctive and disciplined approach to managing their wealth
  • a series of regular meetings to review and adapt their plan and investments

Our technical expertise and years of experience in the industry mean we are well placed to deliver the benefits of comprehensive financial planning allied to a disciplined approach to wealth management. This maximizes the value of the service we provide to our clients.